Definitely the best Energy beauty bar face massage, recommended by specialists

The best effect if less, care software to do a daily Energy bea rendering bar, all the time. This is basically in the following way: Today we will cleanse the skin, better if very delicate and nourishing active substances, containing well utilized arctejet. Option to remove the cream or oil, or particularly dry and sensitive skin of the product. Like on a lemon-soluble lemon, warm water, simply wash your face off with warm water. Very high content of lime in the water (hard water) in case of dry skin people, it is desirable that then a jar of cotton pad (no alcohol) arcvíz with saturated and soft skin wipes.

Lime remains, otherwise it can easily dry the skin. Then we prepare the skin of fat and moisture in the abundance of insurance, rich in active ingredients cream. Very vízszegény in the case of a night cream specially developed moisturizing effect

In the morning, use dry skin with warm water to update and/or after shaving. Then a cream with a skin brush that the sequence from the Energy beauty bar point of view simple, concise, i. e. contains many valuable oils and moisture. Cream in a lightweight filter that protects the skin from ageing.

On dry skin especially good active substances.

The so-called “kerameikos” proved to be particularly effective in solving tasks. These fatty substances, which skin cells between natural binders remind us, you can also fill in the “gaps”. This considerably improves the moisture content of the gray soil. For dry skin also good effect:???????? oil or other unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleum or gamma-linolenic acid, containing creams. It’s a greater softness, a better absorber of moisture, provide.

Dry scratch people, it is not recommended to scratch them too often.

For example, a sauna, sweating sports and chlorinated water into swimming pools are not recommended. At this time, how valuable protective substances lose skin, which can only be replaced with great difficulty. This can help if you have a thick layer of greasy moisturizing cream, or if you use the cream or cream to your face.

Swimming for good advice: Jumps into water before applying sun protection cream to face, neck and décolletage.

Peeling, i. e. skin surface of dry skin, usually not required.

Rákeményed? facial skin and also the alcohol content after shaving are usually recommended to avoid.

Fat jelly products only for your skin type suitable cream with free use.

new drugs are not in winter we try to do, when the frost and low humidity of the air on the skin or even cause irritation lying down. This is much more suitable for spring or autumn.

Three things to be on standby when the skin is very bad looks very bad if it is usually more difficult, and perhaps even they are:

The healing Energy beauty bar for skin from stress during the evening, a simple cream instead, can be used. Compress oil to use. Two-three tablespoonful of oil into the water bath is heated up, and then the wadding layer I cut out the shape of the mask into the eyes and stop free orrlucaca, and the one impregnated with oil. Leave the face about twenty minutes.


The skin consists of 70% water. This, around 12% of the entire century-millimetre thick stratum corneum remains. He is dead, skin cells, consisting of a layer plays a key role in maintaining the water balance of the skin.

Old-fashioned cosmetic products, in the rain or fog in the keel. Micro-enterprises in and stimulates blood circulation. However, this material contains no fat. It is perfectly suited for oily skin people, but for dry skin as an emulsion of needs that have sufficient fat content is included and thus allows the skin to retain moisture longer. It proved particularly effective. In and so, together with the skin a lot of moisture and will be extracted. Sunlight is harmful doubly because not only dry but deep tissues penetration of ultraviolet rays from collagen fibers of connective tissue, as well as hardening, so they cannot have enough water and quickly lose firmness.

Central heating and air conditioning, TV set out of place, remaining dry skin people. Cosmetics aids aim to maintain this flexibility, and in particular means that the moisture content to stabilise. This protects the epidermis deep into, and connective tissue with a layer in the landscape with much larger amounts of water.

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